Whether you need a furnace repair in Columbus, OH, or you want to install the latest heating and cooling system on the market, Elite Climate Control has experts you can trust. Creating custom comfort throughout your home and every day of the year is simple with our constant focus to ensure your individual needs are met for heating and cooling in Columbus, Ohio. We offer an installation of a variety of Indoor Air Quality products including

Air Cleaners
Zoned Comfort Control
Custom Ventilation

These products provide comfort through year-round humidity and temperature control, can significantly reduce irritation from allergies, respiratory ailments; trap (virus size particles) and reduce mold growth.

Here are a few more benefits you will enjoy:

  • Help heating and cooling systems run more efficiently.
  • Feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings.
  • Temperature control in seperate zones
  • Programmable heat/cool settings
  • Protect electronics, wood furnishings and heating/cooling systems


Optimum humidity through-out your home can
  • Reduce risk of dry itchy skin and static shock
  • reduce irritation of upper respiratory ailments
  • Feel more comfortable at lower thermostat settings.
  • Protect electronics, wood furnishings from cracking/peeling and heating/cooling systems
  • Reduce the risk of exposure to flu/cold viruses and bacteria that thrive in the air
  • Delivers humidity to your whole home automatically

Air Cleaners

Indoor air pollution is a problem! We offer the finest in Clean Air Products to ensure your family has the very cleanest, healthiest indoor air every day, all year!

These products are

  • High efficient, low cost to own and easy to operate
  • Permanently trap viruses, mold and spores
  • Clean all the air in every room several times per hour
  • Provides needed ventilation
  • Significantly reduces problems from build-up of smoke, odors, formaldehyde and radon.
  • Control dust
  • Protect heating/cooling system from being overburdened by dirt/debris.

Exchange stale air with clean fresh air through efficient ventilation and minimal energy loss!

Zoned Comfort Control Systems

Are some areas of your home too hot and others too cold? Temperature variation is a problem in many new and old homes. Zone Control Systems regulate conditioned air distribution providing custom comfort throughout your home. This is a reliable way to:

  • Eliminate indoor temperature problems
  • Reduce energy costs up to 20%
  • Enhance to value of your home
  • Heat and cool areas of your home based on your family’s needs and lifestyles.

Call 614-633-6546 today to speak with a specialist about our services for furnace and air conditioning repair in Columbus, OH!

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